I already bought malwarebytes, How should I download it?

In this article, we’ll show you how to download Malwarebytes on your computer that you already bought online or in-store.

What is Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes is a security program that helps protect your computer from malware. Malware is a type of software that can cause harm to your computer, including viruses, spyware, and adware. Malwarebytes can scan your computer for malware and remove it if it is found.
Malwarebytes offers a variety of products to protect users from malware, fraud, and other online threats. The company’s products are available for different platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Malwarebytes has a free and a premium version of its products. The premium version offers more features and protection than the free version.


How can you download and install Malwarebytes that you already bought?

  1. Download Malwarebytes from the official website.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  3. Click on the “Next” button to continue.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and click on the “Install” button.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete.
  6. Once the installation is complete, click on the “Finish” button.
  7. Malwarebytes will now start and you will be prompted to run a scan.
  8. Select the type of scan you want to perform and click on the “Scan” button.
  9. Wait for the scan to complete.
  10. Once the scan is complete, you will be presented with the results.
  11. If any threats are found, you can remove them by clicking on the “Remove Selected” button.
  12. You can also view the log file by clicking on the “View Logfile” button.
  13. That’s it! You have now successfully installed Malwarebytes on your PC.


what are the benefits of buying Malwarebytes and installing it?

Malwarebytes has several benefits over other anti-malware programs.

  • Malwarebytes is more effective than other programs at detecting and removing malware, adware, and spyware.
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium constantly monitors your system for malicious activity and blocks threats before they can infect your computer.
  • You can schedule Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to scan your system on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • When you purchase Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium, you’re entitled to premium support from our team of experts.
  • Malwarebytes is more effective at removing rootkits and other advanced malware.
  • Malwarebytes is less likely to cause false positives (incorrectly identifying a harmless file as malware).
  • Malwarebytes is easier to use than other programs.
  • Malwarebytes is available in both a free and a paid version. The free version is sufficient for most users.
  • Malwarebytes is one of the few anti-malware programs that is effective against ransomware.
  • Malwarebytes is effective against both known and unknown malware.
  • Malwarebytes has a good reputation and is trusted by many users.


I already bought malwarebytes, How should I download it

I already bought Malwarebytes, How should I download it


How to download and reinstall Malwarebytes once you have already bought it?

Malwarebytes is a great tool for protecting your computer from malware, but it can sometimes become corrupted and need to be reinstalled. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do that:

  1. Uninstall Malwarebytes from your computer. This can be done by going to the Control Panel, finding the program in the list of installed programs, and then clicking “Uninstall.”
  2. Download the latest version of Malwarebytes from their website.
  3. Install Malwarebytes on your computer.
  4. Once the installation is complete, open Malwarebytes and click “Scan Now.”
  5. Let the scan finish and then restart your computer.
  6. After your computer has restarted, open Malwarebytes and click “Update.”
  7. Click “Scan Now” again.
  8. When the scan is finished, you should see a message saying that your computer is now clean. If you don’t see this message, or if you see any other errors, you can try restarting your computer and running the scan again.
  9. You can now delete the Malwarebytes installation file that you downloaded in step 2.



Malwarebytes is one of the most popular anti-malware programs available, and for good reason. It’s reliable, efficient, and can even remove some notoriously difficult malware.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Malwarebytes offer?

Malwarebytes offers several different products for both home and business users. For home users, Malwarebytes offers a free and a premium version of its anti-malware software. The premium version includes real-time protection, automatic updates, and priority tech support. Malwarebytes also offers a free version of its internet security software for businesses.

How do I install Malwarebytes?

Installing Malwarebytes is a simple process. You can download the software from the Malwarebytes website and then follow the prompts to install it on your computer.

How do I use Malwarebytes?

Using Malwarebytes is also a simple process. Once you have installed the software, you can launch it and then scan your computer for malware. If any malware is found, you can then remove it with the click of a button.

How much does Malwarebytes cost?

The cost of Malwarebytes depends on which product you choose. The free version of Malwarebytes is available for both home and business users. The premium version of Malwarebytes for home users costs $39.99 per year. The business version of Malwarebytes starts at $49.99 per year for up to 10 devices.

Is Malwarebytes a good anti-malware tool?

Malwarebytes is considered to be a good anti-malware tool by many users and experts. However, like any other anti-malware tool, it is not perfect and can sometimes miss malware infections.

Can I trust Malwarebytes?

Yes, you can trust Malwarebytes. The software is designed to protect users from malware, spyware, and adware.


What Users say about Malwarebytes

  • “Malwarebytes is the only anti-malware solution I trust. It has always been effective at removing malware, and it’s very easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone.” – John, Colorado
  • “Malwarebytes is a great anti-malware solution. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and it does a great job at keeping my computer safe. I would recommend it to anyone.” – Jessica, Washington
  • “Malwarebytes is my go-to anti-malware solution. It’s effective, easy to use, and always up to date with the latest threats. I would recommend it to anyone.” – Matt, Oregon
  • “I’ve been using Malwarebytes for a while now, and it’s always been my go-to anti-malware solution. It’s lightweight, effective, and easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone.” – Emily, Michigan